ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS)

The ASEAN Leaders’ decision to create an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is intended to introduce the free flow of goods, services, investment and skilled labour, and freer flow of capital in the region. For the AEC to take root, the establishment of a fully harmonised Customs and Transport environment is of the highest priority.

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ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the EU (ARISE Plus) 2017-2022

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Bi-Weekly ACTS Online Conference (Pinned)

ACTS Bi- Weekly Online Conference
The ACTS has commenced its live operations among its participating ASEAN Member States since 2 November 2020. Coordinated by the Customs and Land Transport Authorities of the participating ASEAN Member States, the ACTS offers an administratively...

Seamless Transit Operation Arrived in Phnom Penh

ACTS regular operation with customs commitments in 2022
Happy New Year! Today, another ACTS live movement was completed. Initiated from Malaysia on 15 January 2022, the movement arrived successfully and on time in Cambodia as estimated on 18 January 2022. Movement passed through Thailand in transit and...

ACTS – A New Driving Force for Regional Integration

Mr. S. Pirithivaraj, General Manager in City Zone Express (CZE Express Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia), shares CZE’s experience using ACTS in practice and their future plans Using ACTS is very beneficial to logistics service operators, only the fact that we do...