ACTS System and Customs Procedural Training for Cambodia


The General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia has started preparations for ACTS implementation with the ARISE Plus system and Customs procedural training from 11th of February – 22nd February 2019.  This training workshop was held at the General Department of Customs and Excise in Phnom Penh.

With more than 25 participants, this training was also attended by Customs officers from the borders namely Poi Pet, Bravet, Tropean Plong, Sihanouk Ville, and Chrey Thom. Ms. Pera Utami from Customs Integration Unit of ASEAN Secretariat also attended the workshop.

In an interactive atmosphere, the participants discussed the Guarantee Management system (GMS), including how to assess the guarantee amount. Mr. Glyn Evans, Customs expert from ARISE Plus described the Customs procedures to be utilized in conjunction with ACTS, including the simplified procedures for Authorised Transit Traders (ATT).  In addition, he clarified that the Guarantee amount is intended as a safety net to cover the duties and taxes at risk during a transit operation.

The ACTS System testing for Cambodia Customs Officers was held from 25 February to 22 March 2019 in Phnom Penh. The participants successfully conducted the full range of test cases on the ACTS National Transit Application (NTA).  The tests included over 500 business cases.  By carrying out the tests, the Customs participants gained a deeper understanding of ACTS system functions and processes.

Cambodia aimed to provide the infrastructure ready for ACTS system deployment by the first quarter of 2019. The hard work of the Cambodian Customs Officials and coordination of all ACTS stakeholders during the implementation process would be the key to a smooth implementation of ACTS, which is a major cornerstone of trade facilitation within ASEAN.