ACTS System and Customs Procedural Training for Lao PDR


Vientiane became the second place for ARISE Plus ACTS System and Procedural training, this time for Lao PDR’s Customs Department. On this occasion, ARISE Plus invited the Central Management Team from the ASEAN Secretariat to participate in the training. The training was held at the Customs Control and Anti-smuggling Office located in Nongbone Road from 26th November to 8th of December 2018.

Mr. Canda Sinpaseuth, acting head of ASEAN Section in Lao Customs, equipped the meeting room with computers for the hands-on exercises and interpreter equipment to perform translation throughout the training. This assisted the understanding of the Customs Officers, especially those coming from the Border Checkpoints. The participants came from various teams, from Customs inspections offices to officers based in the ICT division.

Mr. Thanomsith Khaophibane, Deputy Chief of Friendship Bridge 1 Customs Check-point welcomed the major ACTS simplification of one declaration for the whole transit operation. He said, “The ACTS declaration would be impactful for security advancement and tracking of a truck’s journey”.  In order to deepen their understanding of ACTS, Customs officers of Lao PDR participated in ACTS System testing which was held from 21 January to 15 February 2019 in Vientiane. The system testing sessions are focused on running test cases of the various modules of ACTS with special emphasis on modules which need coordination between Customs departments, with the intention of facilitating trader access to the system.

Lao PDR Customs is committed to advance the English capability of Customs personnel, to ensure that the need to share Customs information during the ACTS transit movement is well addressed.  Reliable traders would be able to take advantage of simplified procedures, which would enable them to load and discharge transit cargo at their own commercial premises, thus avoiding the need to wait for clearance at Customs Offices of departure and destination.