Phases A & B of ACTS Pilot Successfully Completed

The first two phases of the ACTS Pilot have been successfully completed in the ACTS Pilot Countries, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  These are Phase A, consisting of electronic scenario testing of ACTS Business Cases, and Phase B, the Parallel Run. Under Phase A, a series of Business Cases were devised and ACTS was used for the exchange of electronic ACTS messages for typical situations during a transit operation at departure, transit and destination.  Under the Parallel Run, traders used their current transit operations as a basis to submit declarations to ACTS ‘in parallel’.

These pilot phases were completed with the excellent support of Customs Authorities and the private sector in the ACTS Pilot Countries.  ARISE wishes to express sincere gratitude for the resources, time, effort and expertise of all involved.

These phases now form a solid basis for the ACTS Live Run, which will be possible once the legal framework is in place.