Third Party Vehicle Insurance

Protocol 5 of the AFAFGIT mandates the requirement for a Third Party Liability Insurance for vehicle involved in the transit movement. Operators of such vehicle have to purchase the required insurance policies covering the country of departure, transit and destination. The insurance documents will have to be carried in the vehicle for inspection at the border by competent authorities of the countries involved in the transit movement.  The Council of Bureau of Insurance of ASEAN (COB) has provided a mechanism of purchasing the required 3rd Party insurance coverage for all countries via their webpage. The link for the COB link for purchase of 3rd party liability insurance is as follows:

Once the purchase is completed, the insurance certificates for all the countries in the transit movement will have to be printed and given to the truck driver.  The competent authorities entrusted to enforce the insurance requirements can inspect the insurance certificates anyway along the designated routes and cross validate them against information in the COB webpage if necessary.